Commissions Closed! [temporarily]

I’m working on comic project, but I’ll probably resume commissions upon settling into a comic updating rhythm where I can spare some creative drawing time. Can’t pass up that sweet dollah dollah for dank instant ramen noodles and bologna sandwiches to sustain myself. Unfortunately I’ve made the career choice to consume shredded cardboard and water cereal meals so I can focus entirely on getting this project out there for y’all soon! Mmm delicious corrugated paper..



Below are base prices to get you a ballpark number, but background requests and other variables may increase the price a bit. The times given are estimated, I may finish early or later depending on how things are going with the drawing and IRL for me.

For people I don’t know personally I request a good faith initial payment of half, and the remaining when I finish. No anonymous requests, I expect some form of proof that you’re a person that exists. I accept payment through google wallet. Paypal is shit.





$5 per character drawn
~1-2 days












Higher Quality Drawing:
$20 per character drawn /$8 for background
~3-5 days











 Animated GIF!



smallercatDoodle GIF:
$15 per character drawn
~1-3 days








smallersnowsuit Higher Quality:
$25 per character drawn
~3-5 days







e-mail me at