9/9 Update: As expected it’s taking a while to figure out how I’m going to approach this. I also ended up taking up another commission, and had a rough week with pain management, but I made some good progress with establishing a foundation. I still have a ton of work to do before assembling the first comic, but I’m far more organized now. Still a mountain of work to do, but at least I know the route to take. =]

I do have a job that you can assist me with though! I need a shitload of picture references for backgrounds, something needed for a slice of life comic, and while I’ll be going out on little picture taking excursions myself, I live in a small town sooo… if you want your house/room/workplace, favorite park, store, downtown shopping area, etc. featured in the comic, then whip out your phone and take a billion photographs! Think like a director setting up a shot/scene and take pictures from a bunch of different angles/perspectives/etc! The larger variety of original reference material I have, the better. And (if you want) I will credit readers who provide me material on the website! If you provide a bunch of awesome reference material I’ll even draw ya something!

They don’t have to be high resolution or even that nice quality wise, I’ll just be using them as references to draw my backgrounds.


Send anything you can to drivingnowherecomic@gmail.com




So here’s an early concept page for the big comic project I’ve been developing/writing the past couple weeks. I’ll be starting individual character reference sheets pretty soon and might actually launch this thing by early fall. I’m pretty excited as this story I’m writing sorta has a purpose for me, and is something I want to complete. I’ll go into details later..


PS: I’m using my actual last name now. I went with my middle name ‘Lee’ as a half-assed penname when I was younger so my family wouldn’t see my work. I’m 26, they know what I do now, so now it’s kind of silly. PLUSS I remembered I’ve been squatting on @kevinmoulton on twitter since 2008. HA! 😀