So I randomly ended up watching ‘The Aviator’ again. Found myself in a Wikipedia binge on Howard Hughes and felt like watching the movie. My review: Pretty dang good! Alan Alda is a delight, but I gotta say that Decappytoad fella might just be a pretty okay actor. Funny how indifferent I was to him growing up…



I’m old enough to recall the Leo Fever at my school in the late 90s. One of our classes even watched that bizarre Romeo & Juliet adaption he was in, not that anybody complained. Roll that little TV cart out and you could screen anything to rave reviews if it meant avoiding a math quiz… Thinking back I honestly think our teacher just didn’t feel like teaching that day and rented the movie more for herself. We were nine.



Well anyway, between that movie and Titanic following, Leo Fever was at its peak. As a guy, Titanic is an unpleasant horror flick. So outside of that French girl scene, I didn’t care much for it. At the time I considered Batman & Robin as clearly the superior film.


I quickly realized the girls I was starting-to-sorta-be-interested-in damn near WORSHIPPED Leo Decapricorn. I remember them carrying actual physical pictures, likely cut out from magazines (for Gen Z twerps: imagine the internet printed out on dead trees and mailed to your house every month),  and spontaneously squealing in a register that frightened canines when exchanging their treasured images of teen heartthrobs. 



It was certainly a strange thing to witness, but shortly after that ‘The Mummy’ came out and I finally understood where they were coming from…







That first celebrity crush really hits ya hard.